Municipal & Public Entity Representation


Wide Array of legal issues addressed

Levesque Law Group has provided legal services to Alaska's municipalities, both large and small regarding the following issues:

     General Municipal Governance and Public Meetings Act Compliance;

     Comprehensive Municipal Planning;

     Assessment and Enforcement of Municipal Tax Ordinances;

     Employment and Management of Municipal Employees;

     Drafting, review, execution and management of municipal Contracts;

     Land Use Management and Zoning;

     Creation and Issuance of Municipal Bonds;

     Drafting and review of municipal ordinances;

     Election Law and procedures;

     Acquisition and disposition of Public Property;


Examples of Representation

Following are select examples of Levesque Law Group's Municipal and Public Entity Representation:

     In Re;  2011 Redistricting Cases, 2012 (Alas. LEXIS 178 (Alaska December 28, 2012);

     In Re: 2001 Redistricting Cases, 47 P.3d 1089 (Alaska 2002);

     Sea Hawk Seafoods, Inc. v. City of Valdez, 282 P.3d 359 (Alaska 2012);

     Gillis v. Aleutians East Borough, 258 P.3d 118 (Alaska 2011);

     Taranto v. North Slope Borough, 909 P.2d 354 (Alaska 1996);

     Brown v. Personnel Board for the City of Kenai;

     Hearing Officer, City of Wasilla, In the Matter of the Appeal of Matanuska Electric Association;

     North Slope Borough v. Department of Defense, Iodine-131, Human rights; and

     Special Counsel to Anchorage Assembly re special assessment appeal.